Scary Clown Productions
Current Projects:
In Development/Production/Post:
       Common Spring: IN POST. THRILLER/DRAMA Synopsis: A troubled        father forces the confession of a serial killer he's known his whole life        when his daughter reaches her 16th birthday.
Featuring Galway McCullough, Kevin Dwyer, Leon Joseph and Anais Paredes. Written by John Scott 3. Directed/Produced by R. Scott Smith. NEWS
       BIRTH RITES: IN PRE-PRODUCTION. THRILLER/ACTION -        WEBSERIES AND GAME      Synopsis: A beautiful and gifted Russian        con-woman searches for her sister, who she believes has been kidnapped and held hostage by human traffickers. Fearing the worst, she becomes unknowingly forced into the service of an international clandestine society.
Featuring Lidi Keena, Kieth Cornelius, Morgan Nichols, Jeanine Bartel, J.D. Harris. Written by John Scott 3. Story by Ron Smith. Produced/Directed by R. Scott Smith.
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       Watch: IN POST. DARK DRAMA Synopsis: A schizophrenic
      homeless man finds the one person that can reunite him with his
      family, but will it save him or destroy him?
Featuring TJ Jordan, Victoria Faiella, John Samaha, Rachael Georsse, Michele Musé, Ron Smith and Jeffree Apisson. Original music by TJ Jordan, Victoria Faiella and the late Stephen Palmer. Directed/written by Ron Smith. NEWS

         The Miracle Diaries: IN PRE-PRODUCTION. Synopsis: The power
       of the book is overwhelming. It can draw a person in to live its stories
       of hope and redemption, changing lives forever. One man will stop at nothing to destroy it and halt the world's rebirth. Now a businessman with nothing left to live for is thrust into the role of the book's protector.
Do you have a REAL story of triumph over adversity? Email us!

       Bad Physics: Currently in redevelopment. we are retooling the
       original BP concept to bring our viewers a much more exciting
       production. WE WILL BE HAVING A SCRIPT COMPETITION BASED ON BP VERY SOON! Please check out as details are released.
       The Indie Music Network™: Currently in production.Taking over
       where IndiMusic TV™ left off, The Indie Music Network™ brings you
       the best Independent music videos from around the world and lets the viewing public decide who takes home the coveted IndiMusic TV™ Top Artist Award.
The website and pilot episode will be available online. Please note: the website will remain the old IndiMusic TV™ website until premiere. The
        Seeds: Currently in development. Synopsis: A brilliant
       mathematician must solve the ultimate equation to uncover the
       seeds of the universe before a terrible ancient evil is released.

        Lillith: Currently in development. A story reminiscent of Snow White,
        set in turn of the century New York. Synopsis: When a strange circus
        comes to town a young, wealthy girl finds the strength - and the side-show freaks - to fight the evil that is consuming her father.

Look for Scary Clown Productions at the Northeast horror and sci-fi conventions and bring a headshot and resume. If you are looking to join one of our crews you may also bring your reel.

More information:
        The "Official 2 Hour Film Challenge
        SCP, along with Well Oiled Films and, is a proud sponsor of this great event that brings filmmakers together to create a full short film in 2 hours...
Click Here for more information
        "Watch" and "Common Spring" in post production
        Both short films wrapped quite a while ago and the slow process of         post began. Check out the updates on the NEWS page and the indiviual Facebook Pages.
Keep track here...
        Investors Feeling LESS Secure - A little known and underused tax
        code that allowed investors to feel much better about spending their         hard- earned money on entertainment projects has NOT been renewed by the Obama administration. Check the news section or
CLICK HERE to read more.
        SCP has expanded to include "not so dark" themes as well with
        projects like" Watch" (still a tad dark) and "The Miracle Diaries" - a bit
        on the supernatural side. We are also developing TV shows completely out of the genre at the moment as well.
        Birth Rites Is Reworked Some may be wondering what happened         to the much awaited web series and game. Don't worry - there are         always delays! BR is back in preproduction as of Jan 1 2012 with the bulk of the original cast still in place. Shooting in Spring/Summer.

        POSTERS AVAILABLE - 14x19 movie posters are now available for
        "Coming Back", "Seeds" and "Lililth." They are on nice heavyweight
        paper and are suitable for framing! They are all $9.99 and $2 S/H to anywhere in the lower 48. Please Click HERE to email us for more details on how to order!

     Scary Clown Productions is a division of Gorbs Corp. and is being
expanded to encompass full production on dark movies designed for straight to disk distribution and TV shows. Please check back as our new site design is implemented. Click the image above or HERE to email us.

     We are currently looking for sponsors and investors for all projects, along with experienced union/non-union actors and crew while the scripts are being being finalized and productions are planned.